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Current Events Assignment
For reference only. DO NOT lose the copy I gave you the second week of class. If you do, you will have to start over, finding more rhetorical strategies per week to make up for those that have been lost.

8.2 Paragraph Format
8.2 Format
Sample Text
Topic Sentence
Presidential Candidate Ouannawyn believes that people who pay into Social Security are being cheated.
Concrete Detail
"The idea that working and paying social security, that it's going to be there for them, is a lie," he stated at a convention last Friday.
It is clear that Ouannawyn sympathizes with the taxpayer who spends his life paying into Social Security when he is not likely to benefit from it.
Working hard to pay social security is not a guarantee that the worker will be able to access the money later on for things like daily needs, utilities, or even medical bills.
Concrete Detail
Jane Nositol told CBS that "there are now fewer workers paying into the system for every retiree taking out."
This is a problem that will result in Social Security not being around for Ouannawyn's younger constituents, and might mean smaller checks for those already on Social Security.
As such, Ouannawyn recommends a complete overhaul of the Social Security system in his book Keeping Our Money.
Transition to Next Paragraph
His plan may bring relief to many taxpayers, but is judged by some to be too radical to actually work.

K.O.D. List
Procedure: when you turn in a paper (timed writing or otherwise) it should be free of these errors. If it is not, I will circle them and return the paper to you for correction. You have 48 hours to return the corrected paper to me. You may not rewrite the essay in full, or type your corrections. They must appear on the original paper. Your final score on the paper will reflect how many K.O.D's you were able to correct.

"I believe" (this includes: I think, I feel, In my opinion, etc.)
Chatspeak and Symbols (lol, &, @, roflmao, omg, etc.)
Referring to the reader as "you"
Referring to the author by his/her first name only
to, too, two/ you, your, you're/ there, their, they're

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