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  • All needed files are embedded in this PowerPoint. You are expected to print out relevant rubrics and read all embedded information.
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Week of 5/13 (6-4):
Mon: Final Three Conclusion: Choose Champion Essay and work on revising. Instructions: choose your best essay from 1B, 2B, and 3B. Revise and type up your chosen essay. Turn in the completed, printed, final draft of your Champion with essays 1B, 2B, and 3B on Friday, May 17th.
Tues: Work on Champion and FRU
Wed/Thus: Work on Champion and FRU
Fri: PR #3 Due; Champion Essay Due

Week of 5/6 (6-3): [STAAR TESTING-some students may not see classes until Thurs/Fri- Non-testers report to 1311 for English]
Practice M/C Test: This is a full length test, it includes additional Essays if you'd like to practice. Answers to the M/C are available on the test at the end of Section 1.
Tips and Tricks for the M/C:

Mon: (6th) 2B & 3B Peer Edit
Tues: (5th/7th) 2B & 3B Peer Edit
Wed: (6th) 3B Peer Edit/ Last minute review
Thurs: (5th/7th) 3B Peer Edit/ Last minute review
Fri: FRU work day.

Week of 4/29 (6-1):
Mon: 1B: Passages for pre-reading: ; HW: 2A
Tues: 1B Peer Edit, turn in 2A
Wed/Thurs: 2B Peer Timed Writing; work on 3A
Fri: 3A due; 3B* Date moved up due to STAAR Testing

Week of 4/23 (6-1):
Mon: Work on FRU
Tues-Thursday: continue working on FRU; TAKS testing
Friday: Work on 1A, using the Prompt: Timed writing, on a different, but related prompt, on Monday.
Week of 4/15 (5-6):
Mon: Stepping Stone Presentations
Tues: Knowledge Folder Due; Continue SS Presentations
Wed/Thurs: Wrap up SS Presentations
Fri: Introduce FRU (see above)

Outside Reading: All classes will be reading Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. I have a limited number of copies available. If you like to take notes in your book, please procure your own. Project: Knowledge Folder Knowledge Folder Progress Checks: 3/22, 3/29, 4/8 *UPDATE*

Due: April 16, by the end of the day.
Stepping Stone: Updated Dates (please update your turn in sheet)- See weekly assignments for further updates and information.
Rough draft check #2: March 27/28 (grammar and mechanics check, MLA check #2)
Research Folder: April 8
Presentations begin: April 8

Week of 4/1 (5-4):
STAAR Testing
Mon-Thurs: Work on Knowledge Folder and Stepping Stone Projects
Fri: KF Check; Presentation Order Draw; Work on Research Folders (due Mon).
  • Research Folders MUST contain:
    • Research Paper
    • Works Cited
    • Articles with Annotations
      • 2 journals (minimum)
      • 1 website (minimum)
      • Interview Notes
    • Project/Product (pictures if too big, summary if a video)
    • Presentation Print Out

Week of 3/26 (5-3):
Mon: CFA; work on Stepping stone
Tues: continue working on stepping stone
Wed/Thurs: Peer edit for grammar/mechanics

Week of 3/18 (5-2):
Presentation Plan Information ; work on SS or KF

Week of 3/12:

Week of 3/5 (5-1):
Mon: Research day
Tues: Article check
Wed/Thurs: MLA Formatting and Style ; Thesis Activity
Fri: Knowledge Folder Introduction for Outside Reading
Week of 2/25 (4-6):
Mon: Research and topic refining
Tues: Topics due
Wed/Thurs: Research and interview discussion
Fri: Interview Questions due
Week of 2/18 (4-5):
TRT shutdown
Week of 2/11 (4-4):
Mon: Hero Autopsy Presentations
Tues: Timed Writing: Hero Quote
Wed/Thurs: Peer edit/score Timed Writing; Look over Stepping Stone
Fri: Stepping Stone Introduction Scavenger Hunt:

Week of 2/4 (4-3):
Mon: Hero Character Autopsy. You will be 'dissecting' in a visual essay, what makes a hero. You and your group (no more than 4 members) will be presenting your heroes to the class on Friday. Please read through ALL instructions on the PowerPoint before beginning. I apologize for not being there today, my youngest son is not well. I should be back Tuesday.
Tues: Work on Character Autopsy
Wed/Thurs: Timed writing and group time for char. autopsy
Fri: Character presentations

Week of 1/28 (4-2):
Mon: AP M/C: King, Brown, Wiesel, turn in Letter from a Birmingham Jail activity
Tues: Buckley, Why Don't We Complain? (50 Essays, group read) Answer the questions that follow in Word document.
Wed/Thurs: Bring your Outside Reading Books- Book check and reading day (Wed classes do not meet-flex learning day)
Fri: CFA- bring your Outside Reading book

Week of 1/21:
Mon: Student Holiday
Tues: Your Dream pass-around activity
Wed/Thurs: Read Letter from a Birmingham Jail as a group or on p. 172-188 in 50 Essays. Complete analysis here: Due Monday. (change due to HOSA competition)

Friday: Read and SOAPSTone the following pieces: Bring your SOAPSTones in for use on test Monday.

Week of 1/14:
Mon: Peer Edit Thoreau rhetorical analysis Essay; TPFASTT BOTH of the following poems Markova: Rumi:
Tues: Discuss Poetry vs. Prose; Read and SOAPSTone "The Village Watchman" Riverside Reader p. .58-67
Wed/Thurs: MLK: Video and SOAPSTone speech
Fri: CFA
Week of 1/7:
Mon: Read "The Right Stuff," p. 306 of Riverside Reader, answer questions that follow
Tues: Heroes Project
Wed/Thurs: Rhetorical Framework, The Right Stuff, and your pathway!
Fri: BRING YOUR RIVERSIDE READER TO CLASS TODAY!! Read: Resistance to Civil government, Weekend Essay

Week of 1/3:
Thurs: Work on Outside Reading (due 1/9-1/15) and/or CE Paper (due 1/8). Zimbardo video assignment removed.
Fri: Alumni Day, continue work on OR/CE Paper. Read "The Right Stuff" by Tom Wolfe, p. 306 of Riverside Reader, answer Purpose, Audience, and Strategies questions that follow.

Week of 12/17 (3-3):
Mon: Poetry CFA; Read Jamaica Kincaid's Girl on pp. 318-320 of the Riverside Reader
Tues: Write "Boy" in response to Kincaid's Girl
Wed/Thurs: IF class meets (6,7), share "Boy" responses with class, discuss culture's influence on gender roles
Fri: Holiday- No school! Your assignment for the break: sleep late, eat too many sweets, and read your Fiction book!

Week of 12/10 (3-2):
Mon: Peer Edit; Read "I Want a Wife" by Judy Brady
Tues: Pass-around write: I want a husband!
Wed/Thurs: Synthesis Essay on Gender
Fri: Gender Poetry: Read and TPFASTT When Nature Wants a Man and Barbie Doll- we will be taking a short Multiple Choice Test on Monday over poetry analysis.
Week of 12/3 (3-1):
Mon: Read Paul Theroux’s “Being a Man” and answer the questions that follow, as a group.
Tues: Gender neutrality: <-----------Instructions/questions on ppt.
Wed/Thurs: AP M/C; Read: Rapport-Talk and Report-Talk by Deborah Tannen p. 174-187 in Riverside Reader, SOAPSTone to the 3rd slash
Fri: Rapport Talk discussion, Weekend Essay

Week of 11/26 (3-1):
Mon: Finish Modest Proposal
Tues: Gender Unit. Read: There is No Unmarked Woman, answer questions that follow
Wed/Thurs: Read Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s “Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions” on pp. 358-361 of 50 Essays 'in the Round' with your group. The story can also be found online at: http://ecssba.rutgers.edu/docs/seneca.html Homework: —Identify five rhetorical strategies Stanton employs in crafting her argument. —Record the quote, the strategy, its function, and Stanton’s purpose in using the strategy(MWDS bells ringing yet?)
Fri: Timed writing over Declaration of Sentiments-bring your homework!

Orwell Multiple Choice: due to the overwhelmingly poor grades on this particular assignment, you may do test corrections for up to 1/2 of each missed point. (ie, you got a 50 on the test, after corrections, you could have a 75). This format must be followed: You will need to do these "corrections" for each of the twelve questions. For the "Wrong answer" part of the corrections, since you do not have your original test, you need to write down the primary distractor. This is the answer that looks right, but isn't.
Answer Key: EEECDDDACAAE (A in red is one that was left off the key accidentally. Everyone who turns in corrections will receive credit for the last two questions due to this error.)
Due: Monday, Nov. 26th by the beginning of your class period.

Week of 11/12 (2-6): Outside Reading Due this week
Mon: Satire and Parody- discuss Swift's Modest Proposal, begin writing your own.
Tues: Work on your Modest Proposal- Due Nov. 27th (Grade will be on 3rd six weeks)
Wed/Thurs: Read Harrison Bergeron in groups, discuss story, watch video OUTSIDE READING IS DUE WEDNESDAY
Fri: Bergeron Debate

Week of 11/5 (2-5): Current Events Due this week
Mon- Thurs: TRT/EOC-Writing
HW: Read A Modest Proposal by Jonathon Swift on pp.468-477 of the Riverside Reader, answer the questions that follow. DUE MONDAY, when you walk in.
Text online: (find questions in your book)
TIP: Bring your book for your Outside Reading Report to read after you finish the TRT or EOC

Week of 10/29 (2-4):
Mon: Turn in Shooting an Elephant MC at beginning of class; Read: The Cask of Amontillado
Tues: Cask of Amontillado Discussion
Wed/Thurs: The Raven
Fri: Timed Writing: Cask of Amontillado and The Raven

Week of 10/22 (2-3):
Mon: Peer edit Onion essay. Revisions due Friday. Ethics discussion introduction: Homework: Read Trillin's "The Extendable Fork" pp. 219-221, answer the questions on Purpose, Audience, and Strategies on p. 222
Tues: Gallup Survey
Wed/Thurs: Shooting an Elephant Answer Questions for homework
Fri: Sample AP M/C over Shooting an Elephant- TAKE HOME TEST. Bring your answers in MONDAY, at the beginning of class. There will not be corrections on this test.

Week of 10/15 (2-2):
Mon: MoD Unit 1: Narration and Description; HW: Veil claim Bring Textbook Tomorrow!!
Tues: MoD N&D: Judith Ortiz Cofer's Myth of a Latin Woman; Answer questions that follow story (Audience, Purpose, Strategies)
Wed/Thurs: video links: Obama Romney Essay Due Monday; For Friday: bring in thesis and outline
Fri: Weekend Essay work day- bring your thesis and outline in for discussion!

Week of 10/8 (2-1):
Mon: Student Holiday
Tues: Modes of Discourse: Visual Essay Introduction student sample (a third example is in your textbook-pg. 40)
Wed/Thurs: Visual Essay Work Day, ASK QUESTIONS!!!
Fri: Visual Essay Presentations

Week of 10/1 (1-6):
Mon: Review MC activity; HW: OMttL Essay, due 10/3-4 (on day class meets)
Tues: WORK DAY! Work on your MWDS or your OMttL essay.
Wed/Thurs: Outside Reading Vote; Modes of Discourse, read Cathedral , create concept poster (last slide)
; time permitting: the AP Rubric overview
Fri: Write your answers on a sheet of paper, turn it in when you are done. Concept Poster due Tuesday!!

Week of 9/24 (1-5):
Mon: The Writing Process, revision and editing with a peer; HW: Rewrite your first draft of the King Lear Essay (prompt below for reference) Due: tomorrow!! 9/25
Tues: Second Draft: peer scoring; Self-Evaluation of the draft.
Wed/Thurs: Once More to the Lake ; Vocabulary Exercise; Read the story and answer the Questions about Purpose, Audience, and Strategies which follow on p. 82 and 83.
  1. Why does White return to the lake? What difference does he see between the lake and the seashore?
  2. What theory about the pattern of summer life does White propose to illustrate with his narrative?
  3. What kinds of common experiences does White assume he shares with his readers?
  4. To what extent would people who have never spent a summer on a lake or been parents appreciate this essay?
  5. How much space does White devote to the lake as it is now and how much to the lake as it used to be? How does this decision emphasize his purpose?
  6. How does White pace paragraph 5 or 8? What kind of mood does he create with his pacing?
Fri: Multiple Choice Practice using Once More to the Lake.

Week of 9/17 (1-4):
Mon: What is an MWDS?; The Writing Process, Part 1
Tues: The Writing Process, Part 2; Shakespeare's sister questions, etc. due
Wed/Thurs: The Writing Process, Part 3: King Lear
  • Through tatter'd clothes small vices do appear;

    Robes and furr'd gowns hide all. Plate sin with gold,

    And the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks;

    Arm it in rags, a pigmy's straw does pierce it.

    Shakespeare, King Lear.

    The lines above are from King Lear. Write a carefully reasoned essay in which you briefly paraphrase Lear's statement and then defend, challenge, or qualify his view of the relationship between wealth and justice. Support your argument with specific references to your reading, observation, or experience.

Fri: Current Events Paper Instructions ; College Survey

TURNING IN 54321 Posters:
Feel free to leave them with the sub in the front of the room, neatly stacked. If you are uncertain about doing that, feel free to bring your poster by Tomorrow (Friday) morning before 1st period begins.

Week of 9/10 (1-3):
Mon: Review 54321 poster, Introduction Current Events Assignment and review due dates
Tues: Diagnostic Essay evaluation; Building a better Thesis activity; Self-eval of Diagnostic
Read Shakespeare's Sister p. 6-10 of the Riverside Reader or here : and complete the following assignment:
  1. SOAPSTone the piece to the 3rd slash,
  2. Complete the Questions about Purpose, Audience, and Strategies p.10-11
  3. Consider prompt #3 under For Research and Writing on p. 11 (Argue that in many ways today's laws and customs still discourage women from pursuing an active creative life.) and complete the following:
    1. Create a thesis statement for such a paper
    2. Describe your writing process for completing said paper, steps may include prewriting, drafting, editing, revising, sharing and responding, and publishing. For each step that you would choose to do, what would your process be?

Week of 9/3 (1-2):
Mon: Student Holiday
Tues-Fri: Work on Current Events, SOAPSTone of article (see below); 54321 Poster/Reading Biography; Thank You for Arguing Questions

AP English III

Welcome to the 2012-2013 School Year!

The summer assignment/letter is available here: if you did not receive it or have lost your copy.

Week Of 8/27 (1-1):
Mon: Icebreaker Activity; Teacher Introduction; Syllabus Overview; Exit Ticket: What is one question you must have answered or clarified from today's material?
Tues: Intro activity; Website Tutorial; Summer Letter Overview; 54321 Poster Introduction Exit ticket: What is one question or topic you wish I would talk about?
Wed/Thurs: Intro activity; Book Checkout; Diagnostic Essay: The Scarlet Letter; HW: Read the following article by Friday:
Fri: Intro Activity; SOAPSTone lesson, as a class; Introduce Current Events Assignment.
BRING YOUR BIOGRAPHY, THANK YOU FOR ARGUING, or be ready to work on the Current Events Assignment TUESDAY, 9/4/12