After School Review Schedule:Date: Unit #: Topic1/31: Unit 1: History and Research2/14: Unit 2: Neuroscience, Sensation and Perception, States of Consciousness2/28: Unit 3: Learning and Cognition3/21: Unit 4: Motivation and Emotion, Developmental4/4: Developmental4/11*: Morning Practice exam (copies available- come by 2636)4/18: Personality4/25: Abnormal5/2: Test Strategies5/6: Psych AP Exam
Review 'structure': Take/go over multiple choice review questions, discuss concepts about which you want clarification.

Unit 6: Abnormal Psychology
Case Study: due 12/18: Reading 33: Choosing your psychotherapist. p. 258
Discussion Board: Post due 12/17; Reply (1) due 12/20 (midnight)
Project: Abnormal Movie Unit
Test: 1/9

Week of 1/14 (3-6):
Mon: Work on Final Exam review/ Spring planning session (planning out semester review meetings)
Tues: Final Exam review/ Spring planning
Wed/Thurs: Final Exam (this will be a full-length released Psyc AP exam)
Fri: last day class meets, solidify Spring plans for studying

Week of 1/7 (3-5):
Mon: AMU work day
Tues: AMU work day
Wed/Thurs: AMU possibly due* (pending class discussion)
Fri: Review planning session

Week of 1/3 (3/-):
Thurs: class does not meet
Fri: AMU work day

Week of 12/17 (3-4):
Mon: Mood Disorders DB Post due
Tues: Personality Disorders Case Study Due
Wed: Schizophrenia
Thurs: Do we even meet?

Week of 12/10 (3-3):
Mon: Finish take home test from Unit 5
Tues: Intro to Abnormal
Wed/Thurs: Anxiety Disorders
Fri: Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders

Unit 5: Personality
Case Study: due 12/6: Reading 25: Are you the master of your fate? p. 192
Discussion Board: Post due 12/4; replies (2) due 12/7 (midnight)
Project: Personality Collage due 12/10
Test: Take home, weekend of 12/8, due 12/11

Week of 12/3 (3-2):
Mon: Work on Vocab, Project, Case Study, or Discussion Board
Tues: Continue working from Monday
Wed/Thurs: Personality Lecture
Fri: Unit 5 Exam (yes, it says unit 3, but it's the right one)

Week of 11/26 (3-1):
Mon: Developmental wrap-up
Tues: Study day
Wed: Test on Unit 4
Fri: Take a Personality Test (project due 12/7)
On the final page (your results) you will be given a four letter code, with percentages for each letter. Write these down.
Follow the link for the Kiersey type indicator (or go to then choose your code from the right hand menu) for an explanation of what the various letters mean individually and as a whole.
Write a one paragraph summary of this information on the page where you wrote down your results. Include your favorite comment, one thing that seems a little off, and one thing that “makes a lot of sense.” Create a collage (yes, on a poster board or printed out) which represents your personality type. The four letter code should be easy to find on the poster. Work your summary and the three items requested above, into the collage. Ideas: pictures of people who have the same 'type' as you, quotes that are applicable, career clusters for 'type', relationship information, seriously... anything goes!

Unit 4: Motivation, Emotion, and Development
Case Study 1: due 11/13: Reading 23: Life, Change, and Stress p. 175
Case Study 2: due 11/27: Reading 19 How Moral Are You? p. 143
Discussion Board 1: due 11/8; replies 11/12 (by midnight)
Discussion Board 2: due 11/14; replies 11/17 (by midnight)
Test: 11/16 (vocab and study questions due)

Unit 4 Test:

Week of 11/12 (2-6):
Mon: Developmental Psyc: Part 1
Tues: Developmental: Part 2
Wed/Thurs: Developmental: Part 3
Fri: Unit 4 Test

Week of 11/5 (2-5):
Mon: Motivation and Emotion Vocab and Study Questions
Tues: continue work on vocab, sq's, case studies and db
Wed/Thurs: continue above- Your Unit 3 Tests are on my desk in a maroon folder. Corrections are due Nov. 13th. Correct answers are labeled for you on your scantrons.
Fri: Developmental Psychology Part 1

Unit 3: Cognition (Learning, Thinking, Memory, Intelligence)
Project- waived, two case studies instead
Case Study 1: due 10/24; Reading 11: Knock Wood! p. 78
Case Study 2: due 10/31; Reading 14: Just How are You Intelligent? p. 100
Discussion Board: due 10/22; responses due 10/29
Test: 11/2 (vocab and study questions due)

Week of 10/29 (2-4):
Mon: Intelligence
Tues: Work on Vocab/Study Questions
Wed/Thurs: Continue preparing for test
Fri: Test! BRING YOUR COMPUTER! MC Due Today before you leave; Essays due Monday.

Week of 10/22 (2-3):
Mon: Modelling;
Tues: Cognition Activities:
Links:Memory: (questions on ppt); Mnemonics: IQ test: or

Week of 10/15 (2-2):
Mon: Finish Neuro Test
Tues: Learning: Classical Conditioning
Wed: Learning: Operant Conditioning and Modelling

Unit 2: Neuroscience and Biology of Behavior
Case Study: due 10/4; choose any study from Ch. 1
Discussion Board: due 9/27 and 9/30;
Test: 10/ (vocab and study questions due)

Week of 10/8 (2-1):
Mon: Student Holiday
Tues: States of Consciousness
Wed/Thurs: Continue States of Consciousness
Fri: MC Exam -will finish Monday; Essay @ Home, alone-

Week of 10/1 (1-6):
Sensation and Perception

Week of 9/19 (1-3):
Mon: Work on Unit 1 vocab/study questions
Tues: Central Nervous System Drawing
Wed: Unit 1 Test Write answers on your own paper. (Yes, it's just unit 1- the filename is a misnomer)
Fri: Test Corrections How-to ; Corrections Due 9/28 (key: ECDAD/DDBAE/EDACC/CDABD)

Week of 9/10 (1-2):
Mon: work on Freud's Facebook with group
Tues: Wrap up FB project
Wed/Thurs: Work on Unit 1 vocab/study questions
Fri: Intro: neuroscience

Psychology AP!

Welcome Welcome!

Week of 8/27 (1-1):**
Mon: Icebreaker activity; Introduction to teacher; Syllabus Overview; Exit Ticket: What is one question you need answered or clarified from today's information?
Tues: Website tutorial; History of Psychology, Part 1 ; Exit Ticket: What is one thing I need to explain tomorrow?
Wed:/Thurs: Discussion Board expectations; History of Psychology, Part 2; Approaches Foldable
Fri: Freud's Facebook Project explanation ; Case Study template ; Book Checkout

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